• Apple releases iOS 4.3 golden master to developers (Macworld)
    Macworld - In preparation for iOS 4.3�s release next week, Apple on Thursday released the golden master of the software to members of its iOS Developer Program. The golden master version of software is usually the version that actually ships to users.
  • Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 Bug for Samsung Is Fixed (NewsFactor)
    NewsFactor - If you have a malfunctioning Windows Phone 7 device from Samsung, don't demand a refund just yet. Microsoft announced Wednesday it will try again to update the devices' firmware, having fixed the bug that caused some to crash or fail completely.
  • IPad 2 Alternatives: The State of the Tablet Competition (PC World)
    PC World - Apple's practical and evolutionary iPad 2 will be the cheapest and most refined tablet on the market when it launches March 11, but it's not for everyone. Whether you categorically oppose Apple products, loathe the iOS operating system, or just want a device that isn't tethered to iTunes, you should be able to find an iPad 2 alternative that's right for you -- eventually.
  • Microsoft Resumes Windows Phone 7 Updates (PC World)
    PC World - Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 software update is back on track after bugs with the upgrade bricked a small number of Samsung phones. About ten percent of Windows Phone 7 smartphones owners had problems with the update, and Microsoft had to pull the breaks on the upgrade until it got fixed.
  • Comic Kinect Turns Human Interaction Into a Comic Book Fight Scene (PC World)
    PC World - Life would be better with flashy comic book sound effects. At least, that�s what one group of students thinks. Four students at Carnegie Mellon University worked together to create �Comic Kinect,� a Kinect hack that adds comic book-esque sound effects to ordinary contact. The software tracks users� skeletons, and then adds graphics where they contact each other to simulate the look of a fight.
  • Google Offers More Cloud Storage Despite Gmail Fiasco (NewsFactor)
    NewsFactor - The next step in Google's cloud-based services expansion is User Managed Storage, which allows customers to save up to 16 terabytes of data without new software or hardware. A terabyte is 1,000 gigabytes, or one trillion bytes.
  • iTunes 10.2 update paves way for iPad 2, iOS 4.3 (Macworld)
    Macworld - Apple has put together quite the collection of new iOS-related products for next Friday, March 11. Now it wants to help you prepare with an update to the software at the heart of it all: iTunes.
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