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Visay is a consortium of Software and Management Professionals trying to create an environment that not only builds Technical skills but also great Personality, Professionalism & Ent

We constantly strive forward to build the best company of its kind in the Industry, unrivaled by expertise & performance. With our strategic program we are able to attract sharp, forward thinking software professionals who have the creativity and have the aspirations to grow big.

To maintain enthusiasm and competitiveness among our employees we try to guide them to develop their career paths and upgrade their technical skills and assist them to move in the direction they desire. We establish great working relationships with our employees based on honesty, Integrity and with open communication system.

Visay offers its employees top-of-the line benefits and the flexibility to design them to fit their lifestyle.

  • > Medical Insurance : Employees can participate in Health Insurance, Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) which is covered by Scotia General Insurance Company.
  • > Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Disbursement, which is also administered by Scotia General Insurance Company .
  • > Flexible Vacation Time : Employees can take vacations at their own convenient time and length.
  • > Expenses Reimbursement : Visay Consults reimburses for most of the before tax expenses incurred by our employee's on their job assignments.
  • > Knowledge Sharing : Employees can have access to Knowledge-sharing-program in which they are put in contact with other experienced employees in their respective fields.
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