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Application Services
We align technology with your business needs.
Businesses require software applications to improve productivity, customer satisfaction and cost efficiency. Mobile Applications Managing critical applications requires attention, technical expertise and dedicated resources. Outsourcing these services helps companies stay focused on their core business to maintain their competitive position. We design, develop, maintain and integrate custom software applications for our customers. We have vast experience across multiple types of software applications such as:

Our Application Services include the following:

Application Development

We provide complete application development services covering all phases of the software development lifecycle. We practice Agile methodology for transparency, control and quality. Our well-defined and robust project management ensures seamless collaboration between our customers and us. We leverage a right mix of onshore-offshore resources to deliver high quality applications at a very competitive price.

Application Maintenance

Legacy applications have become an integral part of the business delivery and, thus, moving away from most legacy applications is very expensive and risky. We provide cost-effective application maintenance services that allow our customers to keep their legacy applications running with ever-changing business needs, prolong the applications’ productive lives through new technology and feature infusion, and minimize system downtime.

Application Integration

The communication and collaboration among business applications has a direct impact on the cost, quality and value that an organization can deliver to its customer. Even well-integrated applications may go out of sync with the changes in different business units. Our application integration services are focused on integrating systems for better collaboration among people and processes. We leverage commercial middleware products, custom applications and industry standard tools to save integration cost and time.

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