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QA and Testing
Specialized Testing / Quality Assurance Services

While we offer a comprehensive range of Quality Assurance testing services, we also provide our customers the flexibility of choosing testing services that best suite their needs. For instance, testing services such as performance tests, regression tests, and stress tests are particularly useful before deployment of an application for a production run. On the other hand, testing services such as functionality tests, and integration tests help ensure the building of better quality software. Our various Quality Assurance Testing services include:

  • > Integration/Systems Testing
  • > User Acceptance Testing
  • > Performance Testing
  • > Automation Testing
  • > Regression Test Suite creation and automation
  • > Product Assurance and on-going Release Testing
  • > Security Testing
  • > Compatibility Testing
  • > Configuration Testing
  • > Accessibility Testing
  • > Performance and Load Testing
  • > Usability Review
Outsourcing Testing Services

If you are looking for cost-effective Quality Assurance with a variable QA resource pool from less than one full-time resource to many, you may want to consider our Outsourcing testing solution.

Visay Technology Solutions, inc. can provide a full software testing solution from test plan development to execution. We will analyze your current testing processes and help improve your efficiency all while blending seamlessly into your organization.

Whether you need a full-service testing outsource solution to accomplish your entire quality assurance needs, or variable costs resources to help with cyclical requirements, Visay Technology Solutions, inc. is the perfect quality assurance solution.

Using our risk-based approach to Quality Assurance we will help you set up a process to apply the appropriate level of QA to your projects. We will manage your QA backlog and provide you with the QA Management and targeted resources you need for your projects, when you need them. All of this means that you save money by paying for resources only when you need them, and you improve quality by having the right skills for each task.

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