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Business Intelligence

Objectives do not accomplish themselves. Work must be executed by people or machines in order that objectives may be achieved. The word 'business intelligence' construed in a wider sense and application. A careful understanding of 'Business Intelligence' reveals the nexus between Managers' intelligence and business productivity.

At Visay, the Managers respond more quickly to competitive pressures and market opportunities and take rapid front-line decisions. Accomplishing this is no easy task. It requires access to information on the key factors, which are driving the manager decisions. Visay. makes it possible for the Managers to keep them abreast with the technological trends sweeping across the world. This is how we imbue intelligence. We care to share with you the following:

The Data Mart - A Decision-Making Tool

To address the need for rapid, simplified information delivery, leading organizations are implementing data marts - subject-specific or application-specific database systems that may be standalone or integrated into current data warehouse architecture. Data marts consolidate and organize data to help companies make better decisions and develop their competitive advantage.

The promise of business intelligence systems is better user access and improved analysis of corporate data to facilitate decision-making. A data warehouse, which is suitable for archiving enterprise-wide data and utilizes simple query functions, will provide this to a degree.

Improving Decision Support

Visay Business Intelligence segment specializes in designing and implementing corporate data marts. Our goal is to provide self-sufficiency to end-users through simple, rapid information access, which enables them to explore relevant data, relationships, and answer difficult business questions. Visay experienced staff knows how to translate your organization's needs into effective solutions.

Our Business Intelligence solutions have benefited our clients by resulting in improved: Financial management (budgeting, planning, forecasting), Sales and marketing analysis; Financial consolidation and reporting Executive information systems.

Customer/product profitability analysis

A business intelligence system can play a pivotal role in leveraging IS infrastructure and enterprise data. If your organization is experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • > Delays in fulfilling end user requests for queries and reports
  • > Management frustration regarding organizational performance
  • > Difficulty in managing new product/service offerings

Then a business intelligence system may be the solution.. Visay provides a proven approach from systems design, to connectivity, to front-end tools translating your business intelligence system architecture into specific technology components from the market leaders.

This unique approach ensures that your information repository is technologically stable, while ensuring its long-term viability as a result of its non-proprietary, standards-based architecture.

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